Lightning Protection Systems - Anti Lightning Ball

Our lightning suppression system represents the pinnacle of technology in preventing lightning strikes. Unlike conventional lightning rods, which can inadvertently attract lightning, the Anti-Lightning Ball (ALB) actively repels lightning strikes and impedes the formation of upward streamers.


  • Utilizes a two-layer solid capacitor design, making it highly resistant to the formation of upward streamers.

  • Minimizes the likelihood of attracting lightning strikes, thereby preventing damage from lightning currents.

  • Demonstrated efficacy in discharge voltage testing conducted under the stringent French NF C17 standard.

  • Holds patents in China, Europe, Japan, and the USA, ensuring its innovative design is protected.

  • Manufactured to the highest standards in Japan, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

Typical Applications

Airport facilities, Hospitals, Schools, Sports grounds and arenas, Antenna towers, Harbor facilities, Private, commercial, and public buildings, Railroads, Golf courses, Energy and chemical plants, Highways, Wooden buildings and national treasures, Ships and yachts.

Why Choose our Product?

1. Transparent and Reliable Explanation:
While traditional lightning rods boast a history of over 270 years, lightning suppression technology is relatively new. Some companies rely on unproven theories like "slow discharge," unsupported by scientific evidence. We, however, prioritize clarity, presenting only verified facts from rigorous experiments. With a robust track record spanning 14 years and over 3,700 units sold in Japan, our lightning suppression solutions have earned the trust of countless satisfied customers.

2. Cutting-Edge Development Expertise:
We're at the forefront of lightning suppression innovation, backed by over 50 domestic and international patents. From our PDCE-type lightning rods to our revolutionary "lightning gun," patented across the United States, China, and Europe, our products showcase unparalleled performance. With 18 models catering to diverse needs – from high-temperature environments like chimneys to compact and lightweight designs – we offer solutions tailored to every scenario.

3. Unwavering Commitment to Quality:
At our state-of-the-art facility in Naka City, Ibaraki Prefecture, we adhere to the highest standards of quality, certified with JIS Q 9001 and ISO 9001. Our dedicated team ensures swift responses to customer needs, backed by ample inventory to support seamless sales operations. As the sole specialized manufacturer in Japan handling end-to-end processes domestically, we guarantee excellence in every aspect of our operations.

Technical Specifications

Catalog Material Dimensions - Weight
(mm - kg)
ALB_Large Catalog SUS316L Ø200xh390 - 5.5
ALB_Small Catalog SUS316L Ø120xh235 - 2.2
PDCE of various sizes and shapes
to meet your requirements
Catalog - -

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is electricity required?
No, external power source is not necessary. Only conduction with the ground is required.

2. Then, where does the charge come from?
We utilize charges generated on the ground. Negative charges induced at the bottom of thunderclouds accumulate positive charges on the ground directly below the thundercloud. We guide these charges to the PDCE via an earth wire.

3. Is grounding necessary?
While it's desirable to have as low ground resistance as possible, unlike electrical safety grounding, there is no specific requirement that it must be below 10 ohms.


A selection of installations where the PDCE is deployed in Japan

Surpassing 3,700 units installed as of March 2024.