We offer the right services for each circumstance, engaging the right business-partners, and applying interdisciplinary know-how and multilingual professionals. Our services are innovative and cost-effective.

Project Management

We team up with your people and bring-in interdisciplinary knowledge, local awareness, and professionals working together for years. With experienced project management and dynamic supply-chain management MBS plans and executes better, faster, and cost-effectively.

Procurement Services

MBS adds technical knowledge with experienced negotiation and purchasing in Japan to provide professional procurement services to our clients, bringing best-value-for-the-money.


MBS brings true added value to your expertise with business and IT consultants that understand the industry and IT. Work is done by world-class companies, according to international standards, without affecting your productivity.

IT & IS Solutions

We offer IT solutions for financial institutions, fulfilling local requirements and global business strategy. We develop and implement back, middle, and front-office applications locally, and integrate them with corporation wide systems.

IT Support

MBS completes your resources with expertise, services, or products in accordance to what you need, and when you need it. MBS does not replace your existing resources or people. No redundant or overlapping coverage.


We resell all IT products and services from major brands in the market. MBS resells products, or arrange direct transactions from suppliers and your company. We give you technical advice and available alternatives to enhance decision-making.

  • Servers
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Network devices
  • Software licensing
  • Office and IT supplies


Support tactical and strategic plans providing temporary and specialized resources to IT teams during:

  • Implementation and deployment of big projects
  • Absences(short or long-term vacations)
  • Knowledge base building