High-Efficiency Solid Metal Batteries

Our Solid Metal Battery is a new generation of high-energy density, high rate of charging and discharging, and long operational lifespan (more than 5,000 cycles). Even when charging at a 2C rate, the temperature of the cells does not increase, minimizing the possibility of fire or explosion. Moreover, the high charging rate doesn't affect the lifespan of the battery. More than 5,000 cycles (13 years--assuming 1 charge per day x 365 days). And we are being very conservative, as the cells are tested to operate for more than 15,000 cycles. Our batteries are being used in extreme conditions in motorsports since 2022.


  • High energy density, close to Li-ion batteries.

  • Don't overheat, catch fire, or explode.

  • High rate of charging and discharging.

  • Lifespan of more than 5,000 cycles, 13 years assuming 1 charge cycle per day.

  • CAN bus communications, to broadcast BMS data to ECU in vehicles.

  • Fully customizable: Capacity, Current, Tension (12, 24, 48, up to 640V).

  • Enclosure in Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, Thermoplastics, FRP and Carbon fiber.

  • Interface: Wired - MIL-DTL-38999 connectors for RS485/CAN bus; Wireless - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM, and GPS.

Typical Applications

Mission-critical (UPS); Energy storage (batteries) for solar, wind, diesel, power grid; Extreme conditions (Motorsports, military, defense).

Technical Specifications

Dimensions - Weight
(mm - kg)
SGP4700W294VSM_V02 4,200 24 270x270x230 - 25
SGP252V71ASM_V03 2,100 24 210x220x180 - 12
Customized products of
any specification
TBD 12~640 TBD