About us

MBS Business Solutions Corporation was founded by Pedro Muniz to offer global and financial institutions the most adequate solutions for their business in Asia. By understanding what is important for businesses and the challenges and opportunities of the Asian environment, he developed an unparalleled methodology to support and streamline operations, and integrate information systems.
This methodology is based on fundamental pillars:

  • IT solutions must make sense for the customer’s business
  • Value the talent and knowledge of the client’s people
  • Passion for innovation and commitment to excellence
  • Achieve and surpass results through different ways
  • Interdisciplinary knowledge and experience
  • Network of selected business-partners

MBS's partners

MBS concentrates knowledge in many fields and offers a wide range of business solutions.

  • System Integration
  • Hardware and Software
  • Audit and Advisory
  • Financial Industry Systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Facilities and Infrastructure

Twelve companies combining 250 professionals; providing proven, quick, innovative, and cost-effective business solutions.

Twelve companies combining 250 professionals

Social Contribution

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We know that our contribution is not enough, but we want to support unicef to help children in need around the world. We are a new and small company, but we want to be responsible since from the start.
Our business is innovation. And the most important thing for it to take place is: A full stomach. By helping reduce children hunger today, we are securing the innovation of tomorrow.

Pedro Muniz’s Background

  • Profile

Industrial engineering, computer science, and business administration.
26 years of IT experience, 10 years in finance, 19 years in Japan.
Managed enterprises in Brazil, United States, and Japan.
Led the IT-Department for Pictet Asset Management for 10 years.
Fluent in English, French, Japanese, and Portuguese.
Born in Sao Paulo in 1966, and naturalized Japanese in 2004.

Pedro Muniz

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I started to provide IT solutions back in 1983. For a quarter of a century, in several countries and areas, I supported business management and process improvements. In February 2010 I founded MBS Business Solutions Corporation to apply my experience and know-how to support financial institutions and other global enterprises to streamline operations, integrate and implement information systems, and to establish no-nonsense IT-governance, BCP/DRP, and internal controls plans. My new company can facilitate and coordinate between domestic and overseas operations and IT strategy through innovative ways.

Our mission is to generate added-value to our customers, to our partners, and to our community.