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In 2010 MBS Business Solutions was founded in Chiba-Japan to offer IT services, automation, and BPR for financial institutions. Now it is specialized in managing special projects incorporating IT, industrial engineering, renewable energy and nanotechnology. Tokyo office serves the Japanese domestic market and Singapore office serves South East Asia, Europe and USA.


Founder: Pedro Muniz’s Background

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Industrial engineering, computer science, and business administration.
40 years experience on IT, factory automation and project management and execution.
Fluent in English, French, Japanese, and Portuguese.
Born in Sao Paulo in 1966, and naturalized Japanese in 2000.

Managing Director
Pedro Muniz
pedro muniz

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Ever since I was young, advanced technology has been my job. In 1983 founded my microcomputer solutions company in Brazil. In 1992 came to Japan and engaged in factory automation projects. In 2000, entered IT for financial institutions and designed and implemented STP. In 2010, founded MBS in Japan, applying my technology experience to support financial institutions implement change quickly and effectively. In 2011, established MBS in Singapore and managed countless special projects in renewable energy, IT, industrial and commercial automation for customers in aviation, banking, chemicals, F&B, mining, wholesale and motorsports.

I work for my customers today as if there were no tomorrow.