MBS provides end-to-end solutions encompassing IT, infrastructure, and telecommunications to global and financial institutions and their subsidiaries in the Asia.

Business Process Review (BPR)

BPR brings efficiency to your operations and internal controls with the analysis of existing processes and work flows before automation, saving time, money, and effort.

System Development

We have the right partner to develop full-order applications, or semi-order applications based on existing packages.

IT Governance

IT governance must make sense to stakeholders. Executives are provided with information to define strategies, and IT-Team is provided with control to plan, manage, and apply resources efficiently.

System Integration

System IntegrationBuild reliable IT and IS with economy, and reduce the risks inherent to globalization, multi-platform, vendor, several applications, manual work, domestic and global standards, and foreign languages.

IT & IS Solutions

We offer IT solutions for financial institutions, that are suited to investment professionals in Japan.
We implement and integrate:

  • Financial specific solutions:
  • Generic solutions:
  • Fund accounting systems
  • PMS
  • OMS
  • CRM
  • Accounting
  • Financial data feeds


BCP/DRPBusiness continuity and disaster recovery must be intelligently integrated into normal operations. Progressive Approach™, enables you to start minimizing risk with a basic plan, and expand accordingly.


A well structured, maintained, and documented IT infrastructure and facility must exist to have your business running well and uninterruptedly. MBS provides dynamic management ensuring continued suitability and cost-efficiency.

  • Electrical installations, UPS
  • Racking, Cabling, Networking
  • Voice and data connections
  • Trade recording
  • Audio-visual
  • Physical security

Progressive Approach is our method to implement long-term projects. While aiming at the final objective of a project, "sub-objectives" are defined throughout its course. Once delivered, sub-goals stand by themselves, but also contribute to the achievement of the main objective.

With Progressive Approach

  • Results are visible
  • Risks are minimized
  • Direction is verified
  • Corrections are easily made
  • Return on investment is assessed continually

Progressive Approach

All stakeholders are kept motivated until the conclusion of long-term projects.